Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz

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Jom ramai-ramai memeriahkan giveaway by Razanah Anis ni . Jum kita baca syarat penyertaan dia 

Rules of Giveaway:
1. Malaysian Citizen. (Just in case anyone outside Malaysia stumbled into this)
2. Follow "Chapters" a.k.a this blog.
3. Follow the ig: aunidbitezkuptm (I'm still considering if I should include this chocojar as part of the gift.)
4. Create an entry entitled " Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz"
5. Copy the banner and backlink to this entry.
6. Leave your link on the comment section below.


Terima kasih sudi baca entry Zati.
Komen yang baik-baik ye!

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